About Us

Using the Portal

The COPS Training Portal exists to directly support your training efforts by providing a no-cost means for entire law enforcement organizations, training academies, and individual officers to access high-quality and engaging materials and information to enhance the training already being conducted at the local level.

The Portal is managed by the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) and is supported by cooperative agreement awarded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office).

Spread the word

The COPS Training Portal serves as a gateway to multimedia community policing resources at no cost. It provides access to interactive e-Learning developed by organizations recognized for their leadership in public safety training.

How to spread the word

Please help the Portal spread the word about this valuable resource!

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Share internally with your organization

Promote the use of the Portal with your employees, members, and/or training partners via your internal communications

  1. Include information in staff/member emails;
  2. Highlight or mention the Portal in your internal digital newsletters;
  3. Print and display the poster and/or information sheet in common work areas like break rooms, training classrooms, locker rooms, etc.;
  4. Create direct links to the Portal from your intranet to make it easy for employees to find, enroll, and access the courses and resources.
Share externally with your law enforcement and community partners

Share information about your organization’s use of the Portal with your law enforcement colleagues and community partners via your external communications:

  1. Include information in existing community-subscriber emails (let them know what courses and resources your personnel are using, and encourage them to take advantage of them too – it could be great conversation starters and opportunities to connect);
  2. Share with local and regional law enforcement partners, task force entities, and training academies during meetings and via group emails/messages;
  3. Highlight or mention how you’re using the Portal in your external community digital newsletters and/or social media posts;
  4. Create direct links to the Portal from your website/homepage to make it easy for people to find, enroll, and access the courses and resources.


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