Active Attack Integrated Response Course (AAIR) (Directs, Train the Trainers and Indirect Deliveries)

Course Provider: Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University


Course Description:

The Active Attack Integrated Response Course (AAIR) is a 16 hour performance level direct delivery course designed to improve integration between law enforcement, fire, tele-communicator and emergency medical services (EMS) in active attack / shooter events. The course provides law enforcement officers with key medical skills based on tactical emergency casualty care (TECC) guidelines, which can be used at the point of injury (POI) to increase survivability of victims. The course also provides a model framework for law enforcement, fire, and EMS to integrate responses during an active attack / shooter event through the rescue task force concept. This course has been designed to improve the safety and survivability of victims of active attack / shooter events and increase the effectiveness, coordination, and resource integration between law enforcement, fire, tele-communications and EMS when responding to these events.


Primary Audience: 

Law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and dispatcher personnel


About Course Provider:

The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University was created in 2002 as a partnership between Texas State University, the San Marcos, Texas Police Department and the Hays County, Texas Sheriff’s Office to address the need for active shooter response training for first responders. Since 2002, ALERRT at Texas State has been awarded more than $56 million in state and federal grant funding, and has trained more than 105,000 police officers nationwide in dynamic, force-on-force scenario-based training. They have also trained more than 86,500 civilians in our Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Avoid-Deny-Defend awareness program. While much of the training is delivered on-site in cities around the country, ALERRT also has a multimillion-dollar training facility in San Marcos for advanced active shooter response training. In 2013, ALERRT at Texas State was named the National Standard in Active Shooter Response Training by the FBI.