Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction

Course Provider: Virginia Center for Policing Innovation


Course Description:

Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction(HVR) is a comprehensive training program which bridges the gap between research and practice for police managers and decision makers. It is designed to strengthen their capacity to effectively select and engage in evidence-based violence prevention strategies appropriate for their jurisdictions, dependent upon variables such as available resources (staffing, fiscal, time, etc.), community engagement and commitment levels, partnerships, and sustainability. The 2-day course integrates theoretical and practical foundations of crime prevention, reduction, and deterrence, focusing on current evidence-based practices, ways to implement these practices, and how research can enhance existing practices.


Primary Audience: 

Law enforcement managers and decision makers, including, but not limited to agency heads, directors, command staff, managers, and supervisors in agencies of all sizes.


About Course Provider:

The Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia which provides training and assistance to law enforcement organizations throughout the United States. Since its inception in 1997, VCPI has trained more than 50,000 public safety officers and others nationwide in dozens of topics including violent crime reduction, drug interdiction, youth gun violence, gangs, community policing, problem solving, leadership, human trafficking, interview and interrogation, forensics investigations, ethical decision making, organizational change, and many others. In addition to providing training, VCPI is a valuable resource for consulting, technical assistance, curriculum development, and project management and coordination to local, state and federal agencies as well as private organizations.