Procedural Justice for Communities: A Dialogue to Change

Course Provider: University of Illinois at Chicago, Center for Public Safety and Justice


Course Description:

With guidance from law enforcement practitioners and community organizers CPSJ developed an interactive 4-hour law enforcement and community-based workshop that provides an opportunity for community members and front-line officers to come together to better understand procedural justice as it relates to community and law enforcement relationships. Through conversations, activities and video discussions, skilled sworn and community facilitators create an environment which provides an opportunity for mutual learning – law enforcement and community members learning from each other. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to lay the foundation for building mutual trust, enhancing the community’s perspective of police legitimacy and lessening the “Us vs. Them” attitude that can exist between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The workshop provides a strategy to propel future conversations necessary for long-term impact.


Primary Audience: 

Law enforcement personnel at all levels including civilian staff. Other first responders and community groups.


About Course Provider:

The Center for Public Safety and Justice (CPSJ) is located within the University of Illinois at Chicago and is one of the original United States Department of Justice, Office of Community Policing Services funded Regional Community Policing Institutes established in 1997. CPSJ staff has academic credentials, national field training expertise, practical curriculum development experience and provides technical assistance to law enforcement organizations and diverse communities around public safety issues across the nation. CPSJ has developed curricula on a wide range of topics including procedural justice, community policing, domestic violence, human trafficking, ethics, cyber security, animal rescue, evacuation and sheltering and interactions with those suffering from Alzheimers. CPSJ provides tailored curriculum development, technical assistance, large and small group facilitation, community engagement through a restorative justice lens and the peace circle process. In the last five years CPSJ has successfully trained 6,000 participants representing 500 organizations from 40 states.



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