Fair and Impartial Policing Training (Recruit and Patrol Officer, First-Line Supervisor, Mid-Management, Command or Command/Community, Train-the-Trainer

Course Provider: Fair and Impartial Policing


Course Description:

Fair & Impartial Policing® training program will convey the science of bias and discuss the negative consequences of letting “hidden biases” impact perceptions and behavior and, most importantly, teach police professionals the skills that they need to reduce and manage their biases. Those skills will not keep them from doing their important job of crime control; instead the skills will enhance their ability to engage in that important work more safely, justly and effectively. Those skills will also further an agency’s efforts to strengthen the relationship between the department and the diverse communities that it serves.

The Fair & Impartial Policing© perspective has been placed into five implicit-bias-awareness curricula. There is a 1.5-day session for command-level personnel (or a “command-community” version that involves command personnel and community stakeholders). There are separate one-day versions for patrol officers, first-line supervisors and mid managers. During the 2.5-day Training-of-Trainers (TOT) session agency trainers can learn to implement the patrol and supervisor curricula in their own agencies/academies.


Primary Audience: 

Law enforcement and community members


About Course Provider:

Fair & Impartial Policing®, LLC is the #1 provider of implicit-bias-awareness training for law enforcement in North America. The state-of-the-art Fair & Impartial Policing® training program is about how the mind works. There is no finger-pointing or blame. Instead, we discuss how implicit biases can impact well-intentioned individuals outside their conscious awareness. A key strength of our program is our ability to reduce the defensiveness around this topic that many law enforcement officers may bring into the classroom.