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Interdiction for the Protection of Children

Course Provider: Texas Department of Public Safety

Course Description

The sad truth is that your law enforcement agency is not doing all that it can to search for at-risk, missing or exploited children. Attend this workshop and learn how to change that unfortunate situation. The presenter will discuss how your agency can use uniformed officers, it’s most underutilized and available resource, to combat all types of child victimization. This innovative approach is used in Texas with documented results. Training incudes, shared techniques, coupled with routine police duties that will greatly increase the likelihood of identifying victimized children as well as those offenders that victimize them. The workshop will include actual examples of cases involving runaways, child pornography and human trafficking that were discovered using these interdiction techniques.

Primary Audience

Law enforcement officers and first responders

About Course Provider

The Texas Department of Public Safety proactively protects the citizens of Texas in an ever-changing threat environment, while remaining faithful to the US and State Constitution.

Schedule & Registration

Please visit this provider’s website to obtain information regarding course availability, scheduling and registration.