Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies Training: A Community Policing Approach to Reducing Crime in Indian Country

Course Provider: National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College


Course Description:

Explore strategies to enhance collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the community to reduce crime and improve community quality of life. Practice working in organized problem solving teams to develop an action plan using community policing principles to address specific public safety threats in your community. Upon completion of TOPS, participants are able to:

  • Apply the core principles of community policing to address key community safety concerns
  • Develop action plans using information, tools and resources from the training
  •  Build collaborative partnerships to promote community trust in police and other agencies/organizations


Primary Audience: 

Law enforcement, court system personnel, emergency management, social workers, behavioral health and treatment providers, victim service providers, community corrections personnel, educators, prosecutors, community members, elders and other tribal partners.


About Course Provider:

The mission of the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College is to equip criminal justice professionals with the right training and tools to affect lasting and meaningful change in their communities. Established more than twenty years ago, NCJTC has extensive experience managing complex national training and technical assistance projects that demand attention to detail, competency, diversity, flexibility, and innovation. Through federal grants and national contracts, we’ve had the great privilege to train hundreds of thousands of criminal justice professionals in every state and internationally. You can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality training possible from a trusted organization.