Managing Bias Training for Law Enforcement

  • Training sessions with up to 35 participants
  • Virtual and on-site sessions available
  • Offered regionally with option to partner with other agencies
  • Sessions tailored to meet your department’s needs
Managing Bias Course Title

Course Description

The Managing Bias training course is designed to reduce the influence of bias in officers’ interactions and decision-making, contribute to improved police-community relations, and increase officer safety. The MB training program blends neuroscience, small group discussion, and scenario-based practice structured around a series of strategies and tools designed to help participants become more aware of and adept at managing the impact of bias. The course is facilitated by professional and knowledgeable trainers who are highly skilled at creating an open environment and using nonjudgmental tone to create a dialogue about complex topics. The course uses training methodology based on adult-learning principles; it is interactive and engaging for participants. The course can be customized for client agencies to ensure that overall training goals are met.

Primary Audience

Law enforcement

Cooperative Partners

This project was developed by CNA and was supported by cooperative agreement 15JCOPS-21-GK-02399-SPPS by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

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CNA is an independent, nonprofit research and analysis organization dedicated to the safety and security of the nation. For 80 years, our scientific rigor and real-world approach to data has been indispensable to leaders facing complex problems. 

Schedule & Registration

For scheduling or for more information, please contact Amada Bond, LE Recruitment Coordinator, at [email protected].