Innovations in Crisis Response: What CIT Programs Need to Know (e-Guide)

Innovations in Crisis Response: What CIT Programs Need to Know, an e-Guide, educates law enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) practitioners—along with mental health partners, advocates, and civic leaders—about the latest innovations in crisis response and provides inspiring case study examples of communities leading the way.

Companion courses offered on the COPS Training Portal include: Crisis Intervention: Overview of Effective Models, Crisis Intervention First Look: Focused Response for Veterans and Crisis Intervention First Look: Focused Response for Youth.


Innovations in Crisis Response title slide

Resource Overview

Recently, innovations in crisis response have made it possible for local communities to increase their capacity for responses that do not place responsibility solely on law enforcement. The e-Guide highlights trends in crisis response including 988 – the national crisis line number, law-enforcement and mental health co-response teams, growth of non-law enforcement community responders, and mobile crisis teams for children and youth. Each innovation is illustrated by an in-depth case study of a community or state program which includes audio interviews, commentary by experts in the field, lessons learned, links to outside resources and organizations, and a checklist of next steps for local CIT leaders interested in bringing these innovations to their communities.

Target Audience

Law enforcement agencies and practitioners, as well as mental health agencies and practitioners, telecommunicators, crisis line staff, mental health advocates, community organizations, and state, municipal, and other civic leaders.

Cooperative Partners

This tuition-free online training was developed by the National Center for Policing Innovation (NCPI) and was originally supported by cooperative agreement 15JCOPS-21-GK-02306-SPPS by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

National Center for Policing Innovation

The National Center for Policing Innovation (NCPI), formerly known as the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative community policing training, technical assistance, and program management services to law enforcement organizations and the communities they serve throughout the United States.