Salt Lake City Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) Program Overview

Resource Overview

The purpose of this interactive publication is to provide an overview of Salt Lake City (Utah) Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) program.

The report, which covers the three primary components of the HOST program—donations to homeless service providers, the homeless support group, and collaborative street outreach—is a valuable resource for anyone interested in homeless outreach efforts.

About This Resource

The Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) program was originally developed to bring Salt Lake City (Utah) police officers and community outreach workers together to identify homeless individuals who panhandle or engage in other types of public nuisance activities in the city and connect them to community resources.

The main objectives were to encourage police to make referrals to services rather than issue citations and to decrease the prevalence of panhandling by encouraging the public to give money to service providers rather than directly to panhandlers.

In 2012, the Salt Lake City Police Department expanded the program to include a public awareness campaign, coordinate strategic planning efforts, and recruit and train formerly homeless individuals as volunteers to assist with outreach efforts.

This interactive report is based on the 2016 written publication of the same name, which was funded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office). This interactive version you are accessing has been created by the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) via cooperative agreement number 2018-CK-WXK001 awarded by the COPS Office.

Target Audience

The intended audience for this interactive publication is anyone interested in homeless outreach efforts and specific strategies that have been implemented to address this issue.

Original Publication

October 5, 2016